100 Lbs Lost & 2 megababies w/c-sections left Yucky Hanging Tummy Skin - Ocala, FL

I am a 36 year old stay at home Mom of 2 awesome...

I am a 36 year old stay at home Mom of 2 awesome kids ages 16 and 5. My pregnancies took quite a toll on my body. My first was nearly 2 weeks late and weighed 8lbs 6oz. My second was 12 days early and weighed 10.5lbs.

Shortly after her birth I had duodenal switch surgery to lose weight and heal what was then failing health. I started at 270lbs and now 3 years later fluctuate between 164-174lbs. My health has been restored but my body has not.

While I am no longer trapped in a "fat" body, I still feel trapped in my body now because of the amount of skin around my midsection. It hangs down and grazes the top of my thighs and creates so many issues. Back pain, itchiness, stinkiness, burning, etc. That's just the physical issues and not even touching on the mental and emotional issues which I believe are even harder to deal with.

That said, after many months of research and questions I have finally found my Plastic surgeon and have a date scheduled to remove my skin! I will be having a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck (possibly extended around the hips to the buttocks) and liposuction of the flanks. Dr. Nihjer and his staff were very welcoming and informative. I am excited to see what Dr. Nihjer can do for me!
There's a recent review from karee_d. She just had a fleur de Lis. Wonderful attitude. May help to talk to someone who has gone through the same thing. Good luck!
Welcome and congrats on your weight loss and upcoming surgery! I'm looking forward to following your journey. The ladies on here are a wealth of information
Welcome to real self! Looking forward to seeing your continuing journey unfold! :)


These were taken in 2013 when I first started to get serious about removing the skin. As you can see I wasn't exaggerating. My kiddos and weight gain/loss did a number on me. I forgot to mention I have had numerous abdominal surgeries and both babies were born via C-section. In all honesty, my stomach has never looked "normal". I am beyond excited that in a few short weeks it will!
I'm excited for you! It is definitely difficult emotionally to constantly be thinking of excess skin. I'm sure your kids will be proud of you too for taking care of yourself. Good luck!
Thank you so much!
Wow! Great job on your weight loss! I am very excited for you, I also had a MWL and a fleur-de-lis Lower body lift, this extra incision will really allow your plastic surgeon to remove the most excess skin possible. Having this surgery is the best decision I ever made...it truly changed my life! I hope you have an amazing result!


I forgot to mention I will be having much needed muscle repair as well. :)
Thanks a million! I really got very lucky, my PS was amazing. I am sure you will also have amazing results, you have very nice skin. I can't wait to follow your journey!

Pre-Op tomorrow and today I am 2 weeks away from the BIG day!

Tomorrow afternoon is my pre-op appointment. I will be paying off my balance and asking questions. I have a list that keeps growing everyday! Even with the surgery date quite a bit away, I am starting to get anxious and have moments where if I think about it I get those roller coaster butterflies in my stomach and lose my breath. It probably doesn't help that I've spent the weekend watching episodes of "Botched" and reading all the "Not Worth It" reviews here. In my mind it is to prepare me for what could be the worst outcome but in retrospect might not have been the smartest thing to do so close to the big day!
I was doing EXACTLY the same thing as you 9 months ago! I even cancelled my surgery at my pre-op appointment the night before! Listen, you'll be fine. Read my Review and you can pretty much see & read what to expect. Take care of yourself and take care of your new body. I have to admit, I watch 'Botched' on A&E every Sunday night and most of those people did NOT do their homework before they chose their surgeon. Some of them even going out of the USA for it (which I think is a huge no-no). In any case, good luck in two weeks! :-)

Pre-op appt. went great yesterday!

Yesterday was my pre-op appt and final visit before my actual surgery. I also paid off my balance. It went very well and I was given so much information! Information about the anesthesia the medication, the pain pump, the drain, the catheter (yay!), the surgery itself, post-op etc. You name it, we talked about it! I took notes on everything and also got most of the information already printed out and placed in a folder ready to go. Received my 3 prescriptions which I will take to be filled tomorrow. (Anti-nausea meds, pain meds, and antibiotics)

Along with the Q&A session yesterday, they took Before and After photos. I honestly thought beforehand that I would cry about that as I would be putting my yucky body out there but it was not a problem. My nurse was awesome and very friendly and relatable. (Love you Latoya! Thank you for putting me at ease.) Dr. Nijher was fantastic as always. He seems very excited and confident about my end result being great. I think having a confident and personable surgeon coupled with a friendly staff is the key to a great practice. Well that and skill. ;)

Everything seems so much more "real" today. I am so excited that my dream of looking normal is so close to becoming a reality!!

It's getting closer...............

One week from today I will be on the flat side. Holy cow. That is all. LOL

Check in is in less than 12 hours. Whoa.

Tomorrow is the big day. I feel as if I have everything ready. Mostly just nervous about the pain. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Nijher and he will give me amazing results. I took a bunch of pictures and my measurements tonight that way whenever I am feeling emotional and depressed and thinking "Why did I do this?" I can look back and remember exactly why.

See you on the flat side!
So happy for you! Hoping all went well with your surgery.....Can't wait to see your results!
We share a date! Good luck tomorrow!


As of about 1pm today I am officially on the flat side!

Super uncomfortable but that is to be expected. I will write an in-depth post when I am feeling more up to it.
For now though let me just say, I did it!
Congrats! Looking forward to watching your journey
Congrats, can't wait to see your pics, thx for sharing your story:)

Not quite 24 hours post-op

I'm not in a lot of pain mainly just uncomfortable. Got to take out my foley catheter this morning which was great as that thing really hurt. Was also allowed to take off my binder and take a shower which gave me my first peek at my results. AMAZING. I am in shock over how different I look. The mounds of loose skin are GONE! My incision is super low and I am so excited to see my final results in a few months. Just hoping to get through recovery quickly. I miss my bed and lying on my side! LOL

My review so far is definitely positive and A+++. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the best plastic surgeon for the job.
Wow! I'm so jealous you took a shower! That's crazy! I happy to be walking a little bit! I have not taken any pain meds at all so I am hoping to keep that up! Keep posting so we can share this journey! Take care
Girl I don't know how you are doing it without pain pills! My pain kicked in about 2 hours ago and I'm pretty miserable. I'm thinking is from all the walking and moving I've done today. When can you get a shower? It's a little bit of heaven! Can't wait to see your results!
Thank you! I am excited to watch my journey too! LOL

Pain has kicked in BUT........

Out of curiosity I got on the scale after my shower and Holy cow! 9 pounds GONE!!!
I realize I've never told my stats so here they are:
36 years old
5 feet 8 inches
Starting weight 174 pounds
Size 12/14 large to extra large tops

My goal weight has always been 155lbs and to wear single digit clothes. An 8 would be amazing but most importantly I'd like to finally have a normal bmi.
I think my chances to reach my goal are pretty good now!

Weight at 1 day post-op

165 pounds! Down 9lbs from yesterday morning!

Watch out World this girl is on her way to being the healthiest she can be!!!
Yay!! So happy for you. We are the same height and right now I'm 166. I've been 155 and it's a very comfortable weight for me if I lose a bit more that's ok too, but not too much still need some curves. Happy for you and happy healing!
Yeah - so happy for you! You worked hard for what you got and look at you now!! **HIGH FIVE**
Thank you so much! I'm so excited to become healthy and be a positive role model for my children! **High Five back**

Will I EVER be able to lay down in my own bed again?

In all honesty I consider myself tough. I won't go into details but I have been through enough physically and have always come out the other end. This surgery has really got me doubting my strength. I'm not in any pain anymore (the first 3 days were AWFUL on my back of all places) but I am very uncomfortable. All I want is to lie down in my soft cozy bed and not sleep in a recliner. At this stage in the game I don't know if that will ever be possible. The 3 times I have tried have pulled so hard at my tummy muscles that I was convinced I popped every suture on me. It has been a terrifying experience that feels somewhat like falling and then my tummy muscles jerk to pull me back up and oh boy does that NOT feel good. Anyone have experience with this? When were YOU able to sleep in your bed and how? It's too painful on my back and my coccyx to sleep with pillows under my head putting all my weight there. How does one ever get back into bed?

That's the bad. Here's the good. I haven't been on narcotic pain meds since Saturday morning. (4dpo) Tylenol now as needed. It is much easier to get up and down from a sitting position. Still need help getting from reclined position to sitting position. I have been having regular and frequent movements since Saturday night. (Yay stool softeners!) I cannot see much of my progress as I still have the strips on and 1 drain but they all look good and healthy. Fingers crossed! The scale this morning shows another loss this time of 3 pounds putting me at 12 pounds gone total!

At this early in the game I am having regrets. Mainly because I just want a real nights sleep and I want to get out of that stupid chair. LOL I am sure that when all is said and done, my results will be more than worth all this. Trying to stay positive!
I was in the same boat! I hate that recliner now! Lol. I took a muscle relaxer (or 12hr pain reliever) before bed and would also prop a couple pillows under my knees; like if you were to lay on the floor with your legs up on a chair. It took the pressure off my coccyx and with the pain and/or muscle relaxer, allowed me to sleep comfortably for more than just a few hours. Hope it starts getting easier soon for you!
Thank you. I hate whining and complaining about something I chose to do to myself but goodness do I miss my bed!
I just read your page and I love your sense of humor! I can't wait to get mine back! Lol You look amazing!

Had my first post-op appt with Dr

Went really well. Got all the tape taken off and got to see my belly button for the first time. It's so tiny! Today was also my first time leaving my house since the surgery! No wonder I've been all down in the dumps huh? Everything went great and I am feeling 75% more like normal today. I got a real shower this morning and actually brushed my hair, put in my contact lenses, and put on real clothes! Still have a drain but I'm hopeful that I will be able to stop draining so much and be able to get it pulled next week at my follow up appt. I asked Dr. Nijher how much skin he removed and his face was priceless. Apparently it was ALOT! He took pictures so hopefully I can see them next week. He also said my muscles had a 6cm (mm?) separation! Good grief!
I have new instructions to apply Neosporin on my scars 2-3x's daily and clean my belly button with a q-tip daily. Remember I have a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck so I have both a vertical and a horizontal scar. The incisions are super thin though. I was very impressed. I'm also supposed to start using a rolling pin on my stomach (not the scars). Kind of freaked out about that and can't help but laugh (in my head as it hurts too much to do it for real LOL) at the thought of my husband rolling a rolling pin all over me. This ought to be interesting!

I promise to start taking pictures soon. With the tape on I didn't see a point.

Also down another 3 pounds!! That's 15 pounds in 8 days! Awesome!
I'm having my TT in December and so scared of the recovery. Did they offer you a pain pump?
Thank you! I bet you will too once everthing heals up and swelling goes down.

pic update

Some pics from today
9 days post op
Kristabella I am in Tempe and I had my TT on August 12 and I did have a pain pump. You don't have to do a thing with it, it was in a fanny pack I wore around my waist and I only had one drain for the TT that fit in that bag as well. I never had any pain at all in the incision area. Hope that helps!
Yes I had a pain pump. The pain was managed very well for my stomach muscles and incision. I was off all pain meds and pulled out my pain pump myself by Saturday. My pain came from my back and had since gone away. No real pain to speak of now just some discomfort from still being hunched over and the swelling/tightness from my lower incision. Speaking honestly, I was not prepared for this recovery however it is different for everyone. I'm still too early out to give a final opinion but I think it is definitely going to be worth it in the end. Good luck!
Thank you! Happy healing!

Felt amazing today and then

Woke up this morning feeling like my old self. Walked around the house more, made my own meals, got in and out of my chair by myself including putting the legrest up and down, and walked 95% straight. And then it happened. A sharp pain on the right middle of my muscle repair. It is bruised now and bulging a bit.
Please tell me I am overreacting and I just over did it. :(
I hope it's nothing serious:( it's hard to judge how much to do when there is no pain. Sending well wishes to you.

Feeling sheepish after last post

Everything is fine. I must have just done a bit too much. They aren't kidding when they say this is an emotional roller coaster! Good grief!
Still have my one last drain but the output has diminished so much I'm sure it will be pulled at my next apt on Wednesday. Looking very much forward to that. Kind of tired of existing solely in cami's and underwear! LOL
I am still sleeping in the recliner which is no easy feat as I cannot put the leg of it up and down on my own. Basically if I am going to sleep it is like being locked down in a prison cell! I've tried my bed but even with pillows under my head and shoulders and knees I start to get a really painful burning pulling sensation in the skin inside my upper thighs that surround my vagina. The skin is incredibly taut there so I am guessing it still needs to stretch a bit? I will be asking my doctor about that.
My incisions look great. I'm applying Neosporin to them as directed by the doctors nurse. I'm also massaging my tummy itself and my bruises from lipo with Arnica gel. I can't see or feel any difference but it feels nice so I will continue. Belly button is healing nicely. Weird looking at this stage but that is to be expected. Swelling continues especially just above my vagina. I was one of the lucky ones who can now say she has the "Ken Doll" look going! Lots of swelling on my upper outer thighs as well. To be honest I blame my binder. I'm leaning towards thinking it is doing more harm than good but it sure does make my tummy muscles feel safe so I digress.
Hope everyone is doing well and recovering quickly and painlessly!

Swollen all over

My first real after photo. Looking at it I'm not really seeing a huge amazing incredible difference. I'm going to cross my fingers and assume that it is just massive swelling. I promised myself I wouldn't take in any stock in my results until 3-6 months but well, yeah. Lol
I pulled my drain on my own last night. It had been putting out less than 10cc for 2 days and I know I should have waited for my doctor appt tomorrow and let them do it but once I started pulling on it I couldn't stop.
I just reread that and boy do I sound stupid! Lol
Everything seems okay. Hoping my doctor doesn't drop me as patient tomorrow when I tell him I pulled it. I blame the post surgery hormones!
My hero lol. I kept threatening that I was going to pull mine out but ever did. After 3 loooooooong weeks they took it out

Swelling, swelling, and a side of swelling

I completely understand the phrase "Swell hell" now. I am always swollen. Always. By 4pm it is so bad I have to walk hunched over again. The worst part is how it puts so much painful tension on my horizontal scar. (Remember I had a Fleur De Lis tuck) I also have the most fabulous "Ken doll" going on. The swelling and Ken doll sure make a girl feel extra pretty! LOL

I'm still sleeping in my recliner. I can lie down in the bed a for a little bit but then I start to get a burning/pulling sensation in my tummy. I am wearing a long length compression camisole all day and night with the exception of showers and scar oiling time. I've tried the long leg shapers and other garments but because of the horizontal scar I can't wear them as they pinch at the top of it. There are days where my tummy muscles need more support so I wear my binder as well.

Right out of surgery I had a huge purple lump at the very top of my horizontal scar in between my breasts. I was told ahead of time that I would have a dog ear there but the lump grew and my doctor aspirated it last week. It was a very "Pulp Fiction" moment seeing him come at my chest with this huge needle and syringe. LOL The dark purple coloring is gone as is the majority of the size but there is still a bit of a lump there. I'm not sure if it is still a bit of fluid or if it is just the dog ear. If you put a dab of pink lipstick on the tip of it, it would look like a third boob! LOL

Nothing else really new. Just taking it one swollen day at a time.
Ouch, that looks so sore. I have also lost over 100pds and had lots of skin, my PS said I should see great results with a TT and not doing the fleur du lis, he was concerned about my healing after a 4hr surgery, I am pleased so far but like you, lots of swelling:( one day at a time, happy healing to you:))
The swelling sucks…hang in there….it ebbs and flows for weeks and months sometimes….but eventually it will all be a distant memory and you will have a nice flat tummy. Congrats on the weight loss! Quite a feat!
Thank you! It is good to know there will be an end one day of the swelling! At this point I would just be happy with a couple of swell free hours a day. Sheesh! LOL


Just discovered a "blister" looking thing on the end of my incision on my right hip. What in the world is this and where did it come from? Should I call my Ps?

A picture might help

Picture of the "Blister"

Belly button normal or not?

My belly button is still very sore and tender. Alot of times it feels as if the skin surrounding it is tearing/ripping. It is very bright pink/red along the outer and white/yellow inside. It always has yellowish gunk in it that I clean out with a q-tip. No smell that I can determine. Should it look like this at 3.2 weeks out still?

MAJOR milestone hit!

I'm sleeping in my bed! Yay! The quality of sleep is so much better too! I can sleep on my back or either side and have now had 2 nights of glorious sleep. Feels amazing!
I'm doing well. Went to the Dr. Nijher about my belly button and the "blister". All is well. No infection. Just spitting sutures. Annoying but nothing out of the ordinary.
Still swollen 24/7 but I have noticed it isn't quite as bad as it was. Or at least it isn't quite as painful which is a definite plus. I will be 4 weeks out tomorrow and I cannot believe it. In the beginning I remember reading other peoples stories and thinking I would NEVER get to 4 weeks! LOL
Next goal is to get to 6 weeks and then 8 and then 3 months and then 6 months. Looking forward to seeing what time will do for my results!
hi honey:) may you tell me if you happy with incision? Is it thin low and symmetric?
The lower incision is very low and both incisions are extremely thin and perfectly symmetric. Quite pleased with both! I'm pretty sure over time they will be nearly invisible!

Still swollen Nothing new

Seriously. Nothing new at all.
Still sleeping in my bed which is so nice. Still wearing my shapewear garment 24/7 (unless showering). Still swollen like crazy. No pain to speak of outside of discomfort when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. I tire very quickly and find myself in bed nearly every night around 7.
Scars look darker than last week but I'm pretty sure that's normal. They are so precise it is crazy.
My "Ken Doll" is still in full effect. It grosses me out so bad so I try not to look at it. To be honest I try not to look at my tummy at all. I know if I do I will start to get upset because it isn't flat and what not. I know that it takes as long as a year to see the final results so I am trying so hard not to get caught in the early weeks of freaking out. I made that mistake yesterday and started obsessing over every little thing and comparing myself to Jabba the Hut. Not a good thing so I'm back to taking a step back and trying to be patient and logical. Easier said than done! :)


Hope you swelling goes down. It does take a while.
Belly button turned out great!

Had my biggest outing yesterday

Don't get all excited on me now. I didn't go to Disney World or anything like that! Lol
Went with my daughter to a birthday party and then major grocery shopping at the store. It was the first time since 2 days post op that my best friend saw me and she was so happy for me. That felt good as she and her family are the only ones outside of my own family who know I had surgery.
At the grocery store I had to take my daughter to the bathroom and I did something I never thought I'd do. I took a public bathroom selfie! LOL
You see yesterday was truly the first time I have gotten dressed up and gone out. I wore something I've always wanted to wear but never could. Jeans, a tank top, and a belt. For the first time I felt like maybe this had all been worth it.
I liked that feeling. I hope it stays. I'm pretty sure it will. :)
Congratulations. You're looking great. I hope your swelling goes away soon! We have big babies in common. I had 4 c-sections with 10lb14oz - 2 wk late; 9lb10oz - 2 wk early; 10lb5oz - 2 wk early; 10lb10oz - 3 wk early. My tummy was never ever the same! Can't wait til my date - 11/25!
You look great!! And public bathroom selfie forgiven... Just don't do that again! Ha!

5 weeks today

Nothing new to report really. Still super swollen. Have to remind myself I have a more invasive type of tummy tuck so my results are not going to be like 90% of the ones here on RS. It's hard because I've never gotten to see a true "Flat" tummy yet. It is definitely flat in the sense that the extra hanging flesh is gone but it is still very rounded and distended looking due to the swelling. I figure It will be 25 months before the swelling is completely gone at this rate! LOL
You are very brave and look fantastic. The swelling is a precursor to the beautiful body on its way.
Even with swelling you look great!
I feel the same way:( better days to come tho

6 weeks out today!

The swelling appears to be here to stay but I think I'm finally almost back to 100%. I'm still in my shapewear garments 24/7. I've been sleeping in my binder at night too. Trying any and everything to relieve some of the swelling. No luck yet but the extra compression feels good.
No real big changes. For a joke the other day I tried on my daughter's t-shirt. It fit. She is 5 years old. Her shirt FIT ME. :)
Wow major change!! Happy for u! I can say that by 6 months you'll see a vast improvement from what you're seeing at 1 mpo. All the best with your recovery.

Belly button has pretty much closed up

I don't even know what to say about that. Lol
Seriously my belly button is nearly fully closed. There is a teeny tiny hole the size of a pin head but that's it. Not sure if it's die to the swelling which yes I am still dealing with or what but that's what is going on here. Not sure if I should wait until my Dr appt in 2 weeks or try to get in sooner to have it looked at.
Whenever I do go to see the Dr next, I'm going to ask him to grab like 50 syringes and just drain all of the swelling from my tummy. Honestly though I think if a needle punctured my stomach I would pop like a balloon. ;)
Congrats. Dr Nihjer did my surgery 8/20/2013 . Recovery is "hell" like he said it would be. ..but now a year later. .. Stomach area still numb..when will it ever end???? Or I touch in middle and feel in right side. ..oh well the price is well worth it. In a bikini again at 57...
hi, I am considering to go to have my TT done by him. Would you please tell me if you happy with your outcome and if the scars are symmetric and thin?
You betcha..

9wks 1 day post op

I keep meaning to update but now that I am 100% back in the land of the living it just kept getting away from me. All is well here. Still lots of swelling especially now that I am more active. The scars look great. I've been using bio-oil and 100% pure cocoa butter alternating between the two. Just saw my surgeon today and he agrees it looks good and I am now cleared for everything at my own discretion.
I will be going back in February for an in -office revision for my "3rd boob and my "ken doll". I honestly cannot wait. I think my results after that little revision are going to make me off the wall excited about my new body. It is such a strange new world for me right now with this body. I actually get compliments on my shape from men and women ALOT now. In fact (and yes I am going to brag on myself for a second here) I got a serious compliment on my body from a male CELEBRITY just 3 weeks ago! Never in a million years did I think I would ever be able to say anything like that! Crazy!

I meant to take a few pictures today when I was trying on clothes but ran out of time. Hopefully I will get some loaded soon. Reviews are a lot more fun with pictures. LOL
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