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I have been on this site for almost 2 years...

I have been on this site for almost 2 years reading all of the stories. They have helped me a lot in the decision making process. I'm 5'2 115lbs and I've had one child.. I think I was a 32 b cup although I was wearing 34 it was the wrong size. My surgeon said my bwd is 12. I knew I didn't want to get "boobie greed" and regret not going bigger and I'm so glad I communicated to him before surgery to go as big as possible considering my breast tissue. 1st consultation we talked about being a full c/ small d and 400cc . I told him nevermind that id rather be a full d and I think I need at least 450 .. I woke up with 490 cc :) I couldn't be happier. If I'm going through this surgery I want there to be a difference! I'm


Congratulations! You look great! How has your recovery been? Did you have someone to help you the first few days? Glad you found RealSelf helpful during your years of research!

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You look great!!
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            it just looks like a little brusing from stretched skin! overall i think your results look nice! 
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