Hated the Results, Hated the Experience

I just got a blue peel 5 days ago, and I am so...

I just got a blue peel 5 days ago, and I am so upset over the lack of results. I am 53 years old and my skin always looked good until menopause a few years ago.

Now I have blotchy skin on my face. I tried IPL last year with no success, so my doctor talked me into the blue peel. I had 2 layers applied.

The first was stingy but not too bad, and the second layer was applied in sections and was pretty stingy, but only lasted a minute or two. I only peeled under my eyes and cheekbones (and when I say peeled, I mean a very thin layer). My forehead, chin and upper lip flaked, but the bulk of my lower cheeks never felt tight & they never flaked or peeled.

The bottom line is that I am extremely disappointed and will have my follow up in 2 days - you can be sure that I am going to complain loud and clear - so we'll see what happens.

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I had my peel on 9/11/08. I did not get the results i had wanted. Lost some freckles in the process but it appears i am growing them back! Its hard to avoid the sun in Florida. It did not get deep enough on my forehead and I mostly peeled on the upper cheekbones/crowsfeet area, and just below the corners of the mouth/chin area. Did nothing for my mid face (cheeks). I paid $800 for the procedure and would not recommend it at that price! I will save up for laser next time.
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Hi Katie- I hope you are feeling better. Have you noticed any changes yet? Were you on Obagi before the blue peel? I heard that makes a big difference in the results. please let me know. thank you
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I had the Obagi blue peel done a week ago today. 4 layers is what my doctor said my skin could handle for acne scarring and sun damage. Well I did not peel and I actually think my scarring looks worse. So very disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone for my condition. I want my $500 back!! I hardly felt any pain, did not swell, ooze, or even flake. Was it really just blue paint on my face? Ughhh another treatment that did not work...
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I think the peel takes longer to show results but i am concerned that my lower checks are not tight - nor are they going to peel. I had two layers done. I thought it was exceptionally painful. I find it to be painful still.
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Im one day out my first Obagi Blue peel. Feeling pretty tight, especially around the eyes. Look tired but not "blue". Was not told how many layers i had. Interesting. Will recheck next week. Let the peeling begin!!!! :I
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