Obagi Blue Peel Made Hyperpigmentation WORSE

I had the Obagi Blue Peel in a professional...

I had the Obagi Blue Peel in a professional environment for hyperpigmentation from melasma. The procedure made my pigmentation darker and blotchier. Prior to having the Blue Peel, I used the Obagi NuDerm products for 12 weeks and I was just about the the point where I thought about not getting the peel. Now I wish I hadn't done it. My skin is in worse shape post-peel. I have to start all over with the lightening creams!! I'm so ticked. What a waste of time and money, not to mention it was painful.

Updated on Apr 9, 2009
I had a second (complimentary) Obagi Blue Peel because I complained to my provider that the first peel did little to alleviate my melasma. I peeled very little from the first peel (2-layers) and my hyperpigmentation was worse for several weeks. The second peel was a 4-layer, which is extremely aggressive. Again, my skin did not react like most peoples. My skin got slightly dry and slightly tight. I had some uniform, light, white flakiness all over. I'm a huge fan of the Obagi Nu-Derm products but not of the blue peel. If you have "tough skin," bite the bullet and spend the $$ on laser treatments instead of wasting it on a chemical peel. As far as pain goes, I had Vicodin and Valium on board before the peel, so the pain wasn't terribly intense. I had no discomfort after the peel. I've noticed by reading the "blue peel" reviews here that it seems people either had very significant painful peeling or had none at all. There didn't seem to be a happy medium.

The Obagi blue peel gave me hyperpignmentation on my cheekbones that I previously did not have. I have been living with it for 6 years and have had to use layers of coverup for 6 years consequently. I would never recommend the blue peel. The Obagi Nuderm system, however, I find to be fine.
I agree with the above comments. Stick with the lightening creams or laser - the blue peel will make your melasma WORSE!
did you have dermal or epidermal melasma?
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I don't think the aesthatician was experienced enough.

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