Good Results, Reasonable Cost, but Painful

I have gotten an Obagi blue peel every year or two...

I have gotten an Obagi blue peel every year or two for the last 12 years (now age 61). Usually I get a 4-layer peel for best effect. The results are very good--smoother skin and diminished wrinkles. However, this procedure is very painful. It's best to ask in advance for a valium and bring a driver. Also, I look like a face from a horror movie for about a week. Yes, it's worth it, and the cost is relatively low.

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I have had several blue peels for mild acne scars. It has made a tremendous difference. Yes, it is painful, but only for a short while. After the procedure is over there is no more pain. Stop using retin A 2 weeks before the procedure, not one week because it will be almost unbearable. I am extremely pleased with my results. I look forward to having one every few years. My acne scars diminished greatly and I would get these small white blackheads on my chin area. After the first peel I never dealt with those again. Very Very Pleased!
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I had a blue peel 2 years ago. I had to do 12 weeks of routine skin care prior to being able to get the peel. I was told that it prepares the skin for peel. The cost of the product a whopping 600.00 dollars. The anticipation of getting the peel for 12 weeks is rough. When the day comes it is not what you expect , it is painfull, it feels like your face is burning under a hot element and then you look like a blue smurf for a few days. When your face peels off it is smooth but it still looks the same , and the hyperpigmentation that I thought was to be erased still stared at me in the mirror. Was not that impressed.
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