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I have had two treatments of the Sculptra, for my...

I have had two treatments of the Sculptra, for my acne pitted scarring on my face, i have already tried peels, microdermabrasion, and many topicals...etc... !!! after 2 treatments the face is pretty swollen for a few days, and I have to massage the area 5 times aday for 5 days after treatment.

My next treatment is in a few days, which will be the third one, I still do not see any difference on my face... :( hopefully I will!! the derm said most ppl with acne pitted scarring like mine usually require 4-6 treatments..... i just my ugly pitted scars are smoothed out after this treatment is done. ( it is $904 per tx, and will keep you all updated after i have completed all my tx.. to let u know if its worth it !)

Adding subcision to the treatment of dish shaped scars is very helpful. Many deep pits can be excised.Good luck

Hi harmony,

Thanks for the Sculptra review. I'm so glad you found something to help you acne scars. 2 more days until your next treatment are you excited? Please keep us updated to how your procedure goes.



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I will recommened this treatment, as other lasers and resurfacing have not made any difference at allll..... but ill have to post again after I have completed all treatments to keep u all updated how it has worked!

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