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I started getting acne in grade 9 and finally...

I started getting acne in grade 9 and finally decided to start accutane when I was 22. I was on accutane for 6 months. My acne was between moderate and severe. I usually get very large pimples that stay infected and noticeable for anywhere between a week and 2 weeks. Accutane made me feel nauseous in the beginning and later I started experiencing excruciating back pains. After dealing with acne for so long.. I guess i just fought through everything, because I really just wanted clear skin. I remember around the 5th month, I REALLY started noticing a difference... by the end of the 5th month.. I had NO acne. After that, all I had to wait for was my scaring (which some looked almost purplish) to go away. I found this cream REVITOL... and im telling you it actually works. . you just have to be PATIENT.. and I know how hard it is to be patient when you have been dealing with acne for the longest time.

All and all, I can really say that I think that smoking, food and water intake has a lot to do with acne. I find the more processed food I eat... the worse it gets.. the more I smoke the worse it gets.. and the less water i drink the worse it gets. This wasn't just me guessing this. I ACTUALLY monitored these things...

ANYWAYS.. best of luck to all! Accutane was totally worth it for me! .. I can FINALLY go out in public without makeup and feel just fine : )

SO has been just over a year since I have completed my first go at accutane. I am starting to experience acne again, but it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. It is progressively getting worse and worse, so I'm contemplating whether or not I should do a 2nd round.

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Hey, wanted to check in and see if you decided to do a second round of Accutane or not. Would love to hear either way. :)

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Wow, I hadn't heard of back pain as a side effect before. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Here is a Q&A that talks about doing a second round:

Accutane 2nd Time Around Makes a Difference?

Do you mind me asking if your have cystic acne or not?

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