Does This Nose Look Still Overprojected...? Any Opinons...? - Oakland, CA

HI all... Had my primary in JUNE 2012....Not...

HI all...

Had my primary in JUNE 2012....Not very pleased with result.

Please, let me know if my nose looks ski sloped and over projected at the tip...? if i was under your care what would you do to help me....this is by far NOT my ideal looking nose. I am hoping for a revision as soon as my 12 months is up. THANK YOU.

Hi all...Many Thanks for your responses and your feedback. @ misslila2 -- you can PM and I will be happy to give you the name of my Doctor. Why do you ask...?
I ask because I love your nose. I had that style of nose before my revision and I want it back. I had a slight deprojection and I hate it. My face changed so much for the worse. :( So, please, don't do anything to your nose. It's super elegant. I will PM you to know the name of your doctor.
Btw, I love your cat!!!!
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