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I have been using biafine at night since day...

I have been using biafine at night since day 4 post fraxel repair. I am now on day 8. I am not expereincing any problems other than being a deep red.  I just want to  use the very best healing cream possible. Also, can you buy neocrutis over the counter? and can you just switch off between the 2 creams w/o any problems? thanks so much.



I am just about 3 weeks post fraxel repair. I do not think that my skin is damaged in any way - but time will tell. (I get a little scared reading all of these posts about prolonged/permament hyperpigmitation). 

I chose to have this done as I am looking to change careers & did not want to be eliminated based on age 

My main concern was enlarged poors on my nose & my chin. My Dr. stated that he could reduce my poor size. I see now that they (my poor sizez)  were not improved).. I also wanted the promised l 'tightining of the skin" - it seems to have done this, but only in the neck & around the eyes. (The crepiness around my eyes is MUCH IMPROVED!)

I'm a little depressed right now for the reason that all my freckles on my face are gone & it does not look natural as used to have freckles & and I also have freckles on the rest of my body --- I feel like it stands out! 

Questions: How long do I stay out of the sun? and:

                     Will my freclkles come back when I am out in the sun again? Or have I

                     forever changed my freckle making ability on my face?

Please Repond! I am feeling post-procedue remorse.


1 YEAR POST AND LOSS OF VOLUME IN FACE & MORE LINES I have loss of volume in my face under my eyes and in my cheeks. The lines underneath my eyes are worse than ever. My 'loss of crepiness" under the my eyes only lasted for 6 months. I would not have done this had I known the results were only short-term & that I feel it damaged my skin. Do not get this done! I am interested in hearing about others' results one year + out.

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don't want to hurt his feelings

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I too am one year out and feel Fraxel Repair was a waste of money. I had no long term results and look no better than before. Don't do it.
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Cream can be comedogenic, ie, cause acne but you can still try it.
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For you, I'd stay off the Neocutis. You don't want to do anything that you previously thought was too harsh. 3-4 weeks down the road, you might want to test the waters with it. Use the Pyratine, plus/minus the Biafine at night.
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Just wondering, Why do you suggest the pyratine LOTION over thepyratine CREAM? I have a history of dry skin and just naturally assumed that cream would be better for me & for the face in general. Please tell me what I am missing. thanks
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Ah yes, PyratineXR. Great topical. I would use the lotion (comes in cream and lotion). It greatly improves moisture and reduces redness, both needed after Fraxel re:pair. All 3 are compatible. They all 3 do different things. As said before, the Biafine can't really be worn in public. After the recovery period, use Neocutis and PyratineXR, then Biafine at night. I don't think I would Biafine more than a couple weeks out. I use PyratineXR daily. It also smooths the skin. Remember to start Retin A about 3-4 weeks out.
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Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Oddly enough, I actually have 1/2 a tube of Neocutis Bio Gel at my house. I bought about one year ago at the suggestion of my aestician as an alternate to my vitimin c serum (she said skin gets used to topicals & it was good to "change it up a little". However, this Bio Gel seemed too strong for my skin in conjunction w/ retin A and I stopped using it. Could this because I was not recovering from anything (fraxel), or that I was using it w/ retin A? Any thoughts? As I am on day 10 - most of my deep red is gone as of this AM. Long story short - I have some bio gel right now - day 10 do you think it is ok to use it today? Also you stated to use Neocutis & Pyratine during the day. Together- at the same time? of switching off? thanks so much again for you prompt replys.
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Biafine helps healing and reduces redness. It stimulates the white blood cells to come to the area. These are what heal the treated area. Also, Biafine creates a moisture zone. Things heal better in a moist environment than a dry one. The problem with Biafine is that is needs to be kept in a very thick layer (1/4 inch or more) to be most effective. That makes it hard to be anywhere outside the home. Neocutis was developed and tested for burn patients. It has embryonic growth factors which stimulate healing. When you are ready to go out of the house, then start using Neocutis Bio Gel and use Biafine at night. Neocutis is sold only through physician's offices, but is not prescription. Sorry, I don't know the other topical you are trying to remember. Glad your Fraxel re:pair is going well and your results you are happy with.
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the third cream is pyratineX?. How do these three creams (biafine, Neocutis & pyratineX) compare & are they all three compatable to use interchangably? thanks.
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