MicroLaser Peel and ProFractional - The Real Story-Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Had the MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional....

Had the MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional. Excellent procedure and I had great results. There is no possibility that you can lose muscle with this procedure. It doesn't go that deep.

I wish with these reviews the people who actually write them are educated about the procedure being performed.

Down time for me was 3-4 days. Slight puffiness and swelling. All of this was expected since the doctor explained it to me ahead of time.


Thanks for your comments Homewood, they are reassuring.
I'm 38 years old and am scheduled to have the ProFractional in two weeks to treat some major sun damage and fine lines. I'm going to my plastic surgeon who I've been very pleased with in the past and has told me, in terms of pain that he would give me a numbing cream but it still won't be a very pleasant experience. He also told me there I would have a 3-4 day down time and it would be a 2 time treatment. So, I'm preparing for the worst.

What scares the hell out of me is all the horrible reviews I'm reading.

My Dr. himself has had it done as well as his receptionist and their skin looks great!

Now that its been a few months since your procedure how does your skin look? Are you still pleased with our decision? Would you do it again? Should I reconsider?

Any feedback would help.

Thanks, hope you look great!!!

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Hi Homewood,

It's great that your doctor explained everything to you, I think communication is super important when you are getting any type of procedure. When did you have the treatment?

Pictures of people who had a great experience are always nice if you have any. Thanks for joining the community and please keep me updated.



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Dr. Stan Kovak

Excellent job in explaining the procedure and managing my expectations.

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