No Results After 3 Sclerotherapy Sessions

I had 3 sessions on my legs. I see no results and...

I had 3 sessions on my legs. I see no results and now my left leg is in constant pain and my thigh is swollen.


If you are refering to the vein that lines your inner leg near your ankle, then it is the great saepnhous vein. Unfortunatly when that vein is removed from the ankle, there are many nerves that interweave around the vein. The Dr. when removing this vein will try to save all the nerves he can, but always there are some that are damaged. It is an unfortunate side effect of "stripping veins near the ankle". The damage the nerves suffer can cause numbness and "weird" feelings at the ankle. I would advise you to contact the Dr. who performed the surgery and ask what they recommend. Good Luck!

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Thank you for confirming what I thought should be my next steps. I went ahead and scheduled an appt. with a different practice to have the veins evaluated and discuss treatments.
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Go get a second opinion.
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I called to make and appointment with the doctor that I had my initial consultation with to see why the treatments are not working and discuss the constant pain I now have in my left leg and bulging thigh. The receptionist kept trying to schedule me into another schlerotherapy appoinment with the nurse and will not schedule an appointment with the doctor so I can discuss alternative courses of treatment.

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