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Heavy, Made Nl Folds and Jaw Drooping WORSE

I had had HA filler placed in the past, but was...

I had had HA filler placed in the past, but was talked into Radiesse by a new, experienced, injector. She just did not follow the natural contour of my face, place product ever-so-slightly too medially and low. Even a few mm's off, this stuff is heavy (it's a mineral) and now I have more prominent nl folds, tear troughs and slight jowls on what was a firm jawline.

Do NOT let anyone put this stuff in your cheeks until they have sucessfully injected you with less long-acting (and dissolvable) fillers a few times first. You will be stuck with the look for the better part of a year.
And anyone who tells you it is ok for tear troughs or lips doesn't know what they are talking about - granulmas are a common complication in these areas.


Hi crstabel, 

Thanks for the review. Wow, I can't believe she did that, I can't even imagine how she did that. At least it's not permanent. Have you gone to see someone else to see if you will have permanent damage from it? Please keep us updated and hopefully things will go well.



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