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Finishing up my 1st week with invisalign, no real...

finishing up my 1st week with invisalign, no real pain at all, some what uncomfartable and also a small lisp. I am very unpatient want to know when will i see results

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I would have to say after 6 sets of aligners, I have noticed some good improvement. Every aligner will make some movement, but it's just hard to see. Thats why I think after around 5 or 6 aligners you can see some improvement. Don't expect something major, but you will notice differences from when you first started.

Keep it up, wear them as prescribed, and hopefully you will be see improvements as I have.
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thanks alot for the gr8 advice & encourgment
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no problem
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Welcome to RealSelf! If you haven't already, be sure to take pics of your teeth so you can see the results as they happen. You'll be surprised at the difference by the end of it. :)

How long is your treatment supposed to last?

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will do, my treatment is for 16months, i will post pics as soon as i see my teeth moving
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