4th Treatment and So Far I'm Not Unhappy. - New York, NY

After trying everything to rid myself of ice pic...

After trying everything to rid myself of ice pic acne scarring. I finally decided to try Silikon 1000. My doctor explained that I should see a 70% improvement after 6 treatments. To date, I've completed 3 treatments. Mr Dr.feels I'm at 45%. I just got my 4th treatment last week. We still have 2 to go.

Overall, I'm not unhappy but my scarring is still apparent. I guess we'll just have to see. I'll keep u updated!


Would you please send me the name of your Docotr in NYC. I would love to see him. QTPYE4YOU@aol.com
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I found it sorry I am new here.
After 12 treatments my face is about 75% improved. I went to Dr. Lance Brown inn NYC. Confidence is sky high.
Dr. Brown

Dr. B listens and explains. In other words, he pays attention. So many others simply do not.

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