4th Treatment and So Far I'm Not Unhappy. - New York, NY

After trying everything to rid myself of ice pic...

After trying everything to rid myself of ice pic acne scarring. I finally decided to try Silikon 1000. My doctor explained that I should see a 70% improvement after 6 treatments. To date, I've completed 3 treatments. Mr Dr.feels I'm at 45%. I just got my 4th treatment last week. We still have 2 to go.

Overall, I'm not unhappy but my scarring is still apparent. I guess we'll just have to see. I'll keep u updated!

Dr. Brown

Dr. B listens and explains. In other words, he pays attention. So many others simply do not.

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Would you please send me the name of your Docotr in NYC. I would love to see him. QTPYE4YOU@aol.com
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I found it sorry I am new here.
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After 12 treatments my face is about 75% improved. I went to Dr. Lance Brown inn NYC. Confidence is sky high.
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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the Silikon community. Well, it's good that your scars are less. Did you need so many treatments because your scars are so deep or because your doctor is just being cautious and doing it lightly as not to hurt you? Have you had any pain or downtime so far with the procedures? Please keep us updated for your next two reviews,

Thanks so much for the review,


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