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Horrible! This doctor did not do a god job on my...

Horrible! This doctor did not do a god job on my nose. It was a bit to thick, a bit too tick nostrils. He ruined my nose completely. I wish I had my old nose !!!! 1st surgery he made my nose thinner,but from the side it looked so big, i looked like an old mean witch. Then we decoded to redo it to correct the side view, and he completely ruined it, making it asymmetrical and crooked.


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Who was your doctor?
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You should try going to dr. Geffory tobias in nyc. I went to him and he is amazing! If you go on his web site he is a very well known dr for recorrecting bad nose jobs. I acutally referred a lot of my friends who needed their nose fixed cuz the dr messed it up. But good luck to u!
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I'm sorry about the results but even paying more doesn't guarantee good results. I had a nose job years ago and my nose was slim and looked okay. I had an accident this summer and hurt my nose. The nostrils were damaged and my breathing was harmed. I had revision surgery to correct these problems. I am 7 months post surgery and now have an extremely wide, unattractive nose, collapsed nostrils and an airway blocked by misplaced cartilage. I now need to find a surgeon to correct the multitude of problems from the revision.
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I'm so sorry you had a bad experience! I was just comparing the prices that people listed and noticed that yours was a lot less than some of the others. Maybe a better (but probably more expensive... it seems to work that way a lot of the time, unfortunately) surgeon would be able to fix it for you? I hope you can figure things out!
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At the time of this posting, if you look at the ONLY before and after picture of rhinoplasty on {edited - provider informatio appears above the original review} website, it would appear that the "after" picture is just a digital morph of the "before" and NOT AN ACTUAL SURGICAL RESULT AT ALL (despite the text underneath stating "After resection of nasal dorsum and lower cartilages"). This is, at the least, grossly misleading (if not outright fraud if he's aware of what's on his site). {This portion of the comment violates our community guidelines}
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