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I finished my invisalign treatment in January of...

I finished my invisalign treatment in January of 2010 and I have been wearing my invisalign retainer every night since then. After I finished my treatment my teeth looked perfect and all of my teeth touched each other so I was very satisfied with experience.

However, I was a given a retainer that did not cover the back molars. The molars are now the only teeth that touch when I do not have my retainer in.

I attached a picture of myself biting down and none of my teeth are touching except for the back molars.

My orthodontist told me that this was perfectly natural and the way that the retainers was designed. He recommended only wearing them 3 times at night per week. However, I do not fully trust him.

Should I just stop wearing the retainer or sharply curtail its use?


Yeah, I'd like to know where you'd have this procedure done? Thanks!
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Where did you get your invisalign done? this price seems good for NYC
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No, he indicated that the retainer was designed this way so that my molars would first touch each other and then when I stop wearing the retainer the other teeth will "re-calibrate" and move to their natural position with no open bite.

He did not indicate how long it would take but he told me a few months ago to only wear the retainer every other day and reduce use of it gradually. I had gotten to the point of only wearing it twice a week but I have decided not to wear it at all because having no open bite is more important to me then having them exactly straight.

I certainly can talk to another ortho about how I should proceed. But for now I am feeling as though I should stop wearing the retainer and just kind of see what happens.........
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