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I had this procedure ten years ago for acne scars...

I had this procedure ten years ago for acne scars in New York City. If you have done a lot of research on fat injections, you probably know the doctor's name but I do not feel comfortable naming him here. Apparently he has a number of disgruntled former patients who have posted on the web, and I really don't want to get involved in that. I just want to share my experience with the treatment in general.

It was horrendous. Pain was not too bad but recovery time--ugh. I had a horribly misshapen face for at least six weeks afterward. When I called my doctor four days after the surgery to see if I could come in so he could check on whether my swelling was normal (there was so much of it) he said no, that I should go to the emergency room if I had a problem. My face finally did get back to mostly normal, though the fat injections puffed out the lower part of my face for several years afterward. And the acne scars? The fat did nothing for them. I highly advise against this procedure. It sounds great in theory, but even if you go to the so-called best in the field, it's very unpredictable.


The lumps on both sides of my face haven't changed. They are still prominent when the filler goes away. I went to a wonderful doctor in Chicago who gave me filler and he did a great job. I feel much better.
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Had any of the fat stayed with your or did EVERYTHING disappear?
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Hi 688365anon,
I'm glad to hear that you are doing well.I also had a terrible experience six years ago. Now I have lumps on both sides of my face which look like I'm swollen from dental surgery. I subsequently had filler, which helped, especially on one side. The other side is deformed. Hopefully, others will read what we wrote and avoid making the same mistake.
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