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I've had lipo that turned my inner thighs to...

I've had lipo that turned my inner thighs to mush and after trying various skin tightening treatments including thermage (the worst, painful, expensive and did nothing!) I found out about exilis. Desperate to try to find something to restore tone to my lipoed inner thighs (should have NEVER done that), I tried exilis. A series of 6 treatments was necessary so it is expensive, but the results were nothing short of remarkable. I plan to get more treatments for other parts of my body. I am now officially addicted to this procedure.

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Was that 2400 for a series of 6 treatments (on legs they would consider that two areas) ? thanks!
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Pain? I am thinking about Thermage after BAD stomach lipo.....but am incredibly weary of the pain factor...however, in over for any results, the collagen HAS to be heated to at least 113 degrees F (minimal)... in order for any reaction and good results...
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Hi Lisa.
I'm interested in the procedure and am also located in NYC. Do you mind telling me which doctor you saw for Exilis?
Thank you! M.chelle
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Same thing with me with my thighs. who did you go to? Im thinking of saving up for this. Thanks!
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That's wonderful news!! I'm wanting to do the same for my thighs. Are you still pleased with your results?
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