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5 Days Post OP! Tummy Tuck and Lipo Sculpture

I am a 27 y/o mother of three...I am 5'6 and was...

I am a 27 y/o mother of three...I am 5'6 and was 118 before my 1st child. after my 1st pregnancy I was left with a small umbilical hernia, stretch marks and abdominal seperation. with each subsequent pregnancy these issues worstened. I have a very strenous job that requires I am in shape. No matter what i did the cosmetic issues could not be resolved.

I began researching the tummy tuck procedure years ago. I knew what i was getting into and what to expect from the procedure..regaurdless of how much i told myself this I was still taken back by the size of my scar.

I had the procedure last friday and woke up nauseated from the anesthesia, but not in pain. I only felt discomfort when i was dry heaving and my muscles were pulling..i have since learned a pillow should be in place when sneezing, coughing vomiting, laughing..after i was given anti nausea meds i was ok..i actually did'nt require pain meds untill the next day and that was only because i was sore from the lipo sculpture. standing really sucked, because of nausea..still no pain just felt beat up..*note walking and drinking lots of water helps. day one @ home (ugh) could'nt find a comfy position to lay in and yes, i was STILL nauseated..unfortunatly i vomited...VERY PAINFUL!I realized my nausea was caused by my pain meds, i discontinued them and began to take an NSAID. This worked just fine for me!

The drains are a pain in the butt, but they are very important! be sure that you are charting how much is being drained..color and etc (foul oder *red flag*) .. by today they were both draining abt 10ml each so they were removed 2 todays post op visit... today was also the 1st time i had the courage to look down..and oh boy...my belly button is BACK!!!! but, the scar is huge and i wanted to cry..fyi the drain removal did NOT feel nice! lol..

Over all i would say my expierience has been an emotional rollercoaster but i have had a great support system,no significant pain and a great Dr. i DO not regret my decision...if you are considering this procedure please do your research and have realistic expectations.. also try to be in shape @ the time of the procedure it will help in your recovery process

Dr. Premenger

She is a mom,so many dr's are impersonal.. she made me feel beautiful and comfortable and did not treat me like a number.

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I am trying to find the name of your doctor but cannot,what is her first name? I need a doctor that can deal with me having a hernia.
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Glad you're on the road to recovery! Keep us updated.
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congrats on your TT, i wish you all the luck. i too had it done this past Saturday and fully understand all that you said, when i saw the scar i too felt like omg its long. but it didnt bother me as much because it can not be seen when i wear underwear so compared to the stomach i had i will take my scar any day. so when you get down about your scar just remember how your tummy use to look and how your scar is a small price to pay for how great you look and feel now. keep your head up and again congrats on the new you.
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I defiantly will, drains are already out.. I actually wore jeans today oddly enough..I am taking the healing day by day.. Trying to get used to the numbness. Still sore from the lipo, (a coworker warned me that would be the worst part)
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hi mom can u post pics if ever possible? i had a baby 5 years ago too and i was thin but i got fat due to beign in nursing school (stress, etc) would be happy to see photos!:)
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Congrats on your Tummy Tuck! Sounds like your doing great! I bet you'll be thrilled when all the swelling and drains are done and over with! :)
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