Just Got Pmma Butt Injections - New York, NY

Today i just finished getting my butt injections ...

Today i just finished getting my butt injections , im worry that the shape ends up looking weird because is been 12hrs n it looks like im missing a piece of butt from the side im stressedi got 500cc on each '.......................................................................................... . .

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omg it not dangerous lal the time im ean true there are :injection ladies but no u good u wont diepmma is new n people are fairly scared of new stuff remember theysaid the same thing bout bbl and breast lifts nimplants it usedin europe canada and latin america i mean every surgery has its risk sometime i think it bbl doctors are putting up post u[ but yea i don't recommend u got a hotel room but there are many girls here in brazil that do it im originally from columbia n every one goes n gets pmma injection
PLZ email me do info on where I can go xxx@yahoo
Can you email me the infoxxx@yahoo.com
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Could you email me the info please. xxx@gmail.com
send me private message with the person who did them
What's your email?
Nicole78179???? it's the name of your profile.....I don't know you I 'm talking about, but I know that butt injection are deadly. So count your days!
Missfrance excuse me I'm not Nicole
so Nicole what about you butt? Did you see a doctor?
What ????
I have a connect in nyc biogel email me if interested
I am interested .. inbox me please
Can u send me info on biogel???
inbox me your emai pleasee
Y'all buggin that chick jus died
0mg that's dangerous!!!!
omg dont you ever put your life are risk again girl. have you heard of the danger butt injections are???? many materials are gotten from home dept. and no reputable doctor would even give it. it is life threating and you can die of it. my bf is a icu nurse and got a girl who had this done and died. if i was you go to a doctor asap to see what you got injected. if you want a butt save money and do it the right way or go to the gym and be happy with ur body but do not do it again.
Please don't ever have this done again. I know that it is affordable, but you have to know that surgery at this price is no good. Haven't you read the horror stories. I don't know you, but I am praying that you will recover well without complications. Ladies if you are looking to have cosmetic surgery, save your money or have the procedure financed. It's not worth losing your life. If you can't afford it maybe it is not meant for you to have. Please wake up people. Butt injections are illegal and can kill you. Prayers are going up for you sweetie. God bless!!!
Never USE I repeat NEVER USE hydrogel polyacrylamid or PMMA anywhere!!! it's very and ALWAYS DANGEROUS!!! I had it in my lips and I had to do remove it by a surgeon because about 5 years I got complications like bumps/lumps and the product spread down above my lips, in my cheek and my jaw. it was awful!! Even if a surgeon inject you, you will have later big problems!!! because youy body will react because of the product is a foreign product. Do reseach on web it's very dangerous!!
Can you email me the info of your contact person
What is that? How did you pay $800.00 for 500cc each and what is in the pmma butt injections
you never know whats in it because the person giving it to you does not disclose it but from previous girls that have gotten it and gone to the docotrs for check up end up with a reality check and its material used in home dept lets just say even car gasoline can be inject in those butts.
Good luck. It takes about a month for it to fully plump up and hopefully you will not have a bad reaction.