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My Breast Lift Results Are Fantastic!--New York

I had a breast lift 14 months ago and it was the...

I had a breast lift 14 months ago and it was the best thing I've ever done in my life! Unlike many breast lift patients I did not develop saggy breasts after having babies. I've always had them!

Dr. in NYC did my surgery and she did such a great job. I love the shape. They are so perky and my scars have faded to almost nothing. I highly recommend doing to her for this procedure.

Can you send me your surgeons info so I can contact them for a consultation please thank you
Please anyone considering cosmetic breast surgery, take your time when choosing a surgeon. Surgery can be one of the biggest decisions of your life because it is very difficult to erase it after it is done. Also, dont make my mistake and judge solely your decision on who to choose as your doctor by reading interent reviews. See atleast a few dotors and listen to your instincts, who you feel most comfortable with, who provided the most thourough, in-depth information, without watching the clock. I feel given the right circumstances, comsetic surgery can be a wonderful thing and really boost someones self confidence but if for some reason it does not go as planned, it can become a living nightmare. So, all I advise is anyone considering cosmetic surgery to take their time and listen to their intuition.
hello MAH2393 which office did you go to i wanna check out a couple i live in brooklyn ny im a mother of 4 an im 26 i want to feel great about mysel again i have a very good support team trying to way my options an also not trying to spend over over 5000 the max 8000 just want a lift im a 32 b but i might have to go bigger really dont want to but if i have to i will i dont want silicons at all can u please help me out
Austin Plastic Surgeon

She made me feel the most comfortable and her resume and portfolio speak for themselves.

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