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My Trusted Surgeon - New York City

I was always conscious about my appearance and the...

I was always conscious about my appearance and the lack of figure. Though I am confident in myself in many other ways, the fact that I did not have the natural curve all ladies have did bother me very now and then. After reviewing all the possible risks related to the surgery, I decided that it may be a good time to change my situation.

Now I am only one week post-op but the result is already fantastic. It is not obvious to any of my friends but I know I have changed. I went for a somewhat conservative implant but that already gave me what I always wanted. The recovery has been smooth and I did not rely on painkiller since the second day. I am thankful to my surgeon and his staff.

New York Plastic Surgeon

When the idea of having a breast implant procedure crossed my mind, I did some research online like many others. After compiling a list of surgeons based on websites and comments, I scheduled my first interview with Dr. E. My first meeting with the doctor went smoothly. He was very patient in answering all my questions and provided me with materials describing the procedure and its risks. Since I felt really comfortable with Dr. E, I knew I need not schedule interviews with other surgeons anymore. Throughout the process, Dr. E gave me professional advice and delivered the result I wanted. I would not know if Dr. E is the best surgeon as I have not tried others, but I am really pleased with what I have got. I believe every lady planning to go through the procedure would want a caring, skillful and knowledgeable surgeon. To me, I just couldn't ask for more with Dr. E. I am glad with my decision, and would like to give thanks to Dr. E and his staff, who are truly friendly and helpful.

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I'm so glad you found a surgeon you trust so much. Thanks for sharing your experience here on RealSelf.

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