finally!! jan 6 2012. - Manhattan, NY

SO.. I've been wanting to get this done for...

SO.. I've been wanting to get this done for quite some time now, and after seeing a few doctors for consultations I decided to go with DR. Kenneth Francis, because hes in NEW YORK and I haven't really heard anything bad about his work. Of course I wish I could fly to MD and get a consult with Dr Markmann because all I hear is amazing things but I'm hoping my doctor could provide great results. Im going to be posting the before pics that the doctor takes later this month. yay im so excited.. January is literally right around the corner.. I hope putting on some weight should give he some good CC's in each cheek =]

I just had bbl and tt with Dr Francis Jan 4,2013. I'm 3 days po. The results look diff by the day. The first 2 days, I didn't really like, today I like, tomorrow who knows!
Hey..I had my second consult with Dr F today for tummy tuck and bbl. He seems very nice. Im still on the fence b/c I really I haven't seen many bbl done by him on this website. I'm really excited to see your before and after pics. Your pics might help me make a decision...Dr Francis in NYC or Dr Salama in Miami
I'm excited for's Jan 14 so hopefully all went well....please post before and after pics pleeeeeease
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