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Not Sure, A Little Nervous

I had Botox injected into my forehead, between the...

I had Botox injected into my forehead, between the brows and the crowsfeet. This was two days ago. I noticed some swelling yesterday, day 1. Today day 2 and my left eye is very swollen. I feel a little numb in my cheeks and I still feel pain where I had the injection in the middle of my brow. I also see a little blurry. I've read that after the first time you can get some swelling of the eyelids and it goes away quickly. I am afraid it is going to get worse. I think I might be scaring myself.

Although I am not sure of my results, the physician who performed it is top notch. He has a fantastic reputation and I personally know many people who have gone to him. Not one person I know actually had swollen eyelids so it might just be me.

Just an update on me. My left eye is still a bit swollen, actually the left eyebrow is drooping a bit making my left top eyelid look a bit puffy. No one notices unless I point it out. It's now 9 days later. My face feels normal again, no numbness or tingling. I am not having any vision issues. I have a feeling that this is the worst of it. I showed the doc, he agreed that he probably did a little too much and "next time" he will use less. I do have to say that my forehead and frown line between my eyes look fabulous. I'm still not sure that I will do Botox again, but if I do then I will still use the same physician.
next time are u crazy!! the same dr. u are crazy stop not worth ur health!!
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