I am writing about this everywhere i can because...

I am writing about this everywhere i can because it was such a rip off...

So, they take measurements all over your body and then wrap you really tightly in mineral soaked ace bandages. Then they have you exercise and sit in a steam room to get out all the toxins. Then they unwrap you after an hour and retake your measurements. Bascially I lost the most “inches” off of my ankles...then they guarantee you will lose 6 inches, i lost 6 and 1/4 inches, coinicidence? Maybe, except i was watching her write down my measurments and things just weren't adding up. Also, 6 inches all over your body is NOTHING, this was stupid.

I did feel refreshed after and I think the minerals are great for your skin but for 200 dollars? Please, a total rip off.

Wow you paid $200. Thats crazy. I only paid $125.00 and got a sauna included. I loved my results and I'm on a $99.00 monthly plan. I have a lot of loose skin and its the only thing that has seemed to help me.. Sorry you piad so much. I realize the process takes a long time, but $200 is way to high
I totally agree. It was a waste of time for me. My back hurt from standing on the elliptical machine for an hour. They basically squeeze the water out of you, then tell you drink lots of water that day to replenish what they pulled out. Totally not worth the time or money.
How do they squeeze the water out of you? I have had a few wraps and usually I weigh a pound or more afterward, since they are so hydrating. This goes away after a day or so, but I'm more concerned about tightening my loose skin. I'm never hot, usually cold, so how can you loose water when you aren't sweating? What wrap are you doing? It must be a different one..
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