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Noticed a Difference After First Treatment - Signed Up for More Areas - New York, NY

Hi - when i bought this package I was so skeptical...

Hi - when i bought this package I was so skeptical i almost asked for a refund before going in. I couldn't believe I was spending $2k on my legs. But, I hate that I have cellulite, and as my sister said, - look, if you do it, and you follow it up w/ diet and exercize, it's worth it -- i.e. stop cancelling apointments and do what they tell you.

My first treatment was for front of thight/above knee and under butt area. I have to say, I really did notice a difference, which completely surprised me. So today I signed up for saddlebags and back of thighs. It's a lot, but I do think this is making my legs look better, and it has motivated to also work out more and eat healthy. one hard thing is you can't work out or drink w/in 24 hours of treatment (before or after), but it just means scheduling ahead of time.

Hope this is helpful, if you can afford it and are really bothered by cellulite, find a good provider and do it!

Laser Cosmetica

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Sounds good. Where did you get your treatment?
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep us posted on your progress when you go back!

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