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I had both vagino and labiaplasty almost 2 months...

I had both vagino and labiaplasty almost 2 months ago under general anesthesia. The only care was to keep the area clean, apply bacitracin and at 1 week, I began sitz baths to help dissolve stiches and clean the area. I also began taking vitamin c and stool softener 1 week prior to surgery to help with recovery. I did not have to take the prescribed pain killer or muscle relaxer at any time during recovery because I had tolerable discomfort - not pain. I was back at work in 4 days and I was able to walk normal within 1 week, but I could not sit down comfortably until 2 weeks. I also stopped bleeding in 2 weeks. The 3rd week was SO itchy! I developed an allergy to the bacitracin from prolonged use. And the fourth week I was cleared to resume normal activity and exercise. At 6 weeks, I can only fit 1 finger, so I have ordered a vaginal dilator set to help with that a bit so my first sexual experience following the surgery will not be too awkward. The labia looks so much neater and feels better during exercise. I do not "leak" any more during exercise or when sneezing, as happens after childbirth. I will keep updating how the dilators are working once I start them. Any and all questions are welcome.
Thank you very much for the information. Who is the doctor that did your surgery?
Dr. Heller, Allure, Staten Island,NY
What was the cost for just the vaginoplasty (not including the labia surgery) I am trying to price something i can afford and how long ill need to save for. Thank you

2 months post op

I am almost 2 months post op. I have been using the 3rd size dilator which is 32mm x 140mm. I have to saturate it in lubricant to get it in and once in, it hurts! I leave it for a few minutes and then gradually move it around. Within a few minutes, it feels great! I have been doing this for a little over a week and it is still impossible to get it in without lots of lubricant.
Other than just trying to stretch out a little, everything is back to normal. The excessive discharge has finally stopped and inside and out, it's as though I had nothing done - no discomfort at all!
any new updates? Thanks for sharing
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