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I had my rhinoplasty done about 12 days ago and I...

I had my rhinoplasty done about 12 days ago and I am really not happy with the result.

I had a crooked nose (my nose goes to the right) and a hump. The dr removed the hump and my nose looks great on the profile but my nose still crooked and not in the center, I feel like the dr didn't break or reset the nasal bones to make my nose straighter.

I had a closes rhinoplasty and I was wondering if you can move the nasal bones without performing an open rhinoplasty...?

I'm about to see an other surgeon (Dr Rizk in NY) because i am so disappointed but I don't know how long after the first surgery I have to wait until I can have the 2nd rhinpoplasty done...?

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Because I think he lied to me and didn't do anything about my nasal bones to make my nose straighter in the middle!!!

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dr Rizk has bad reviews too.
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i have the same problem,doctor didnt rasp the bone properly ,i hate my doctor
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I think you looked great before and still do. It obviously isnt perfectly straight but you still look great so dont get a revision. I heard getting the nose perfectly straight is extremely hard. My doc was one of the absolute best rhino docs and he told me before surgery that it is not likely going to be perfectly starught. Unfortnuately we has to just live with it. Fortunately you look great either way. Dont get a revision, you don't need to torture you nose again for a not straight nose.
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Get your money back and use it for next revision with a better surgeon. thanks
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Sorry to hear that you are not happy with the results. I think sometimes that is the way your nose is shaped and you can't change it. I have a friend that wanted to move the whole bump on her nose and the doctor wasn't able to make her nose completely straight because of the way someones nose is shaped!

My personal opinion is that your nose looks very nice right now ! So I have to say that you definitely look nicer and you're a handsome guy so your nose doesn't make you look bad at all !!!!!!!! (honest opinion)

But if you want to have another surgery I think you have to wait a couple of months, which is OKAY...you can definitely go by the end of the year to have another surgery and make it straight....but dont be upset bc your nose looks good as it is !!!!!!
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I agree i dont see any improvement but are these photos taken right away after your surgery? If so give it a little more time because it does look like it could still be swollen. hope it gets better!
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I'm sorry you're unhappy with your result. I can see what you mean about your nose listing to the side still (mine does that even after rhinoplasty as well). You might want to check out our Revision Rhinoplasty community and start your story there as well. Here's some general information about closed vs. open rhinoplasty for you. Most doctors suggest waiting at least six months after rhinoplasty before you get a revision so they can accurately assess the results of your initial rhinoplasty.

I hope this helps! Please keep us posted on what you decide to do. Make sure your revision surgeon specializes in Revision Rhinoplasty, as it's a very intricate procedure that not all surgeons do well.

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