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I have had some plastic surgery done, tummy tuck,...

I have had some plastic surgery done, tummy tuck, breast life and the most recent was monsplasty, I was interested in helping women who had the same questions I once did. If anyone would like a personal advise other than a doctor I am here, feel free to email me.

New York City Plastic Surgeon

She was honest and sat with me on a personal level, she made me wait 7 months before the start of my surgeries, she made honest recommendations, when she could have easily done what I wanted and made more money from the procedure I was initially interested in.

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I don't think so you should consult a surgeon it took me 5 years to decide it's a process.....good luck.
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I have had this problem (mons pubis)since I was young and I am thinking of having the monsplasty procedure. I have not had any procedures that could cause this.
How much did the monsplasty cost? and is there a prefered age range to have this procedure done?
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I did my tummy tuck and breast lift in November 2009 my monsplasty was done September 2010.
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Thanks for making yourself available to the RealSelf community. How long ago did you get your tummy tuck and breast lift?

You can read more about these procedures in our Mommy Makeover community, too.

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