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After stubborn belly fat all my life and 1...

After stubborn belly fat all my life and 1 pregnancy,I have developed a kangroo pouch that i want to get rid of soooo bad .I am due for surgery May 19,2011 .I am so excited .

I am also doing breast augmentation being that I have been flat chested all my life .Does anyone have any pointers before surgery ??

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Today's the day! Please come back and let us know how you're feeling.

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Anxiety is par for the course and totally normal. It's a big surgery and a big deal. But you'll get a whole new body out of the deal! You're about a month away! If you get a chance, check out JenBob's 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before A Mommy Makeover. It's full of great info.

I've also started a Facebook page called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back where we discuss everything from diet and exercise to, of course, plastic surgery. If you're on Facebook, please head over and give us a Like. 

I'm looking forward to following your journey. Remember to allow yourself enough healing time to get lots of rest.

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Just curious where are you getting your procedure done?
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Prep as much as you can before your surgery... Meals, shopping, laundry, ironing...

I'm on day 9 and even though I'm feeling pretty good, I have no energy. I wish I had frozen more easy meals, and had more things planned out further. I'm still on pain meds, so I haven't driven yet, either. I hope to have my final drain out tomorrow, then expect to be more comfortable and wean off the meds.

I'd do it all again, but it's neither unbearable, nor easy... A lot of discomfort rather than pain, and not a lot of restful sleep!
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