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Thermage - New York, NY

I spent 700 dollars for the thermage, a treatment...

i spent 700 dollars for the thermage, a treatment to tight my stomach..they told me that i should see the result after 6 months. Never happen..dont waste your money..now am looking for something that really works this time and am going to very careful.

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What did you end up doing?
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nop..never did..they told me i needed to wait six months to see the results, by when the six months pass i just thought that it was useless. now am looking for another alternative, to make work..without a mini tummy tuck or procedure that has to do with cutting me..i just hate the fact that now am fighting over tightening my skin, and end up with fighting to get rid of a scarf..don't make any sense to me.
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Hi diosa,

That's disappointing that you waited the 6 months hoping to see results and then didn't. Did you go back and ask your doctor why you didn't see results? 



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