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Did DOT Therapy. 26 Years Old, Acne Scars.

I am SO happy I did this. I got it done about a...

I am SO happy I did this. I got it done about a month ago and have seen a huge improvement in my scars and tightness of the skin. I do not even wear foundation anymore....just lotion. I am NOT NOT NOT one to spend this kind of money at a med spa....but it was worth it. SO happy. If you have any questions let me know. I know reviews and googling helped me maked my decision :)

Melange MedSpa

Excellent Med Spa!

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I also live in NY and looking for a doctor to do the dot therapy. Do you mind telling me which doctor did the laser for you. Thank you.
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so glad for you. i am wanting smartxide dot done i am just hoping that i will see a difference in my wrinkles around my eyes, im 40 and i don't like looking 40. do u think it will help with those wrinkles?
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