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I had 2 treatments with liquid silicone for...

i had 2 treatments with liquid silicone for traumatic scars on my face, many of these i believe were not suitable for treatment with any filler. i have been treated in well established and known dermatologist office and i thought i was in safe hands. unfortunately i have ended with very ugly irregularity on my midcheek area and no improvement at all. i think silicone is extremely unpredictable even in best of hands and any ovecorrection is very difficult to treat and almost always leaves additional scar. it can realy only help specific type of scars, not all scars and this has to be carefully established. alltogether the risk is enormous and consequences severe. i have been struggling with the resulting scar for last 2 years and i might need more than just laser treatment to correct it. i cannot recommend this treatment to anybody with common sense.

I'm sorry to hear this. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Have you seen any other dermatologists for opinions on what might be able to help with this, or is that not really a consideration for you at this point?


The scar resulting from silicone misplacement and...

the scar resulting from silicone misplacement and subsequent attempt of the same derm to laser it down is so bad that is hard to believe unless you see it. Because of the location it deforms the shape of the cheek very visibly. if the dermatologist was little older more experienced less confident and more willing to listen to her patients things might have turned little less painful for me. i cannot turn back time however if this served as warning message than it wasnt completely wasted experience. i am waiting to see facial reconstructive surgeon and i am going to make sure that i feel confident enough with treatment and the surgeon alike. i do believe no more in any easy quick and inexpensive fix and i know that no scars can be eliminated only improved. i can only hope for the best outcome possible.
I am getting ready to make an appt with a well-known lady dermatologist in NY. I pray this is not the dr. you are speaking of.

Thank you so much for coming back and updating us on what is going on for you. I hope the facial reconstructive surgeon is able to offer you some good options. Please let us know how that appointment goes and how you are doing.

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well known dermatologist in NY

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