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I need a rhino revision (severe assymetric...

I need a rhino revision (severe assymetric nostrils). My primary was done about 20 yrs ago and it was bad back then and only got worse over the years. i had a consult with dr tobias and next week with dr guida. Any personal feedback (negative or positive) is much appreciated. Thank you.
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I'm sorry to hear about your not great results from your first rhinoplasty. If you click on Dr. Tobias's name, you'll see his profile page with reviews from other RealSelf users. Please keep us posted throughout your journey and let us know how it goes!


Why do all the rhino drs on this site get 5 stars?

Why are all the rhino drs on this site with 5 stars? Only happy/satisfied patients post? Is this suspicious? Are negative reviews disallowed?

No responses re Geoffrey Tobias noses??

Having difficulty getting anyone to publicly post (or privately respond) to my inquiries....?
Do not see Tobias. Unless you have no issues with your tip. He is not skilled my nose is asymmetrical wide and he removed too much cartilage on one side. I would be happy to send you photos
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