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Dr. Rosenblatt is a phenomenal surgeon. Words can...

Dr. Rosenblatt is a phenomenal surgeon. Words can not express how happy I am with the final result from this surgery. The best part is how natural looking my nose appears. Dr. Rosenblatt is highly experienced and confident which put me at ease when I wasn't sure what to expect.

The procedure it's self is fairly easy. I wasn't in any kind of pain. My recovery went very smooth, no pain but just alittle uncomfortable for a few days. The cast comes off after about two days. Dr. Rosenblatt doesn't put any packing inside the nose. I heard packing can be very painful when taken out. I had minimal bruising which healed after about a week. His office staff is very accommodating and friendly.

My only regret is I should have done this sooner! It was one of the best things I ever did for myself! I was so lucky to have found Dr. Rosenblatt. He has my complete trust. I love the result! I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends!

I'm glad you like your new nose! Would you mind sharing whether the 8500 price included anesthesia and hospital fees? Thanks!
never mind, I found Dr. Rosenblatt's information. thanks
Dr. Rosenblatt seems to know what he's doing, I'm thinking of doing a second nose job. Can you send me his contact information?
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