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Radiesse Nightmare - New York

I had radiesse put into my cheeks and under eye...

I had radiesse put into my cheeks and under eye area. After 2 year`s I am left with long lumps under my eyes near the cheek bone My derm. pronounced that they were fat another derm said it was skin. I am going to see what a plastic surgeon has to say.... I cannot beleive I am one of those horror storirs you hear about.

Does anyone know if ther is is a way to dissolve this stuff ,is under eye surgery required?

get a sonic care toothbruth. hold the back of the toothbrush up, against the area that has radiesse in it. it will slowly break up the area, allowing the body to absorb the radiesse. I know because I've had radiesse in the sides of my face (nasolabial lines) for 5 years. I was overfilled & only the top 1" part dissolved. the rest (going down to almost my jawline has remained - about 50-60% since. I started using my sonicare toothbrush because no one had any answers (including all the doctors on here). they're no help. no one wants to surgically remove the radiesse, as it'll probably cause more problems. any filler will always dissolve faster in more mobile areas of the face. I've been doing the sonicare toothbrush remedy for about 3 weeks now & can start to see a difference. I was only doing it 2x a week. but now that I'm seeing improvement, I've moved it up to every day. (I just do it while watching tv & have a small mirror to make sure I'm holding it right on top of the area). I hope that helps! I can truly empathize with you. I personally think radiesse should be banned, as there's no way to remove it & it mimics bone more than fat tissue.
Sorry to hear about your experience. Just had Radiesse for my cheeks. It's suppose to be injected right under the apple of your cheeks, not meant to go close to eyes. Never, never. I have dark circles so I asked a long time ago & my doc said, "no way"! Good luck fixing it. Definitely go to a surgeon for that, not a Derm. Frankly, I would sue.

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do not use this stuff

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