Questions About Panniculectomy Revision - New York

I have had a terrible time after the surgeries....

I have had a terrible time after the surgeries. Wish it was better but I have read some great reviews.

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I had a panniculectomy done last year and I am...

I had a panniculectomy done last year and I am very unhappy with the results I have alot of hanging skin still and have been at the same weight for a year now. I have changed my diet, I stopped drinking soda, and am very active but nothing is helping. I was suppose to have a revision but was turned down because it was not considered medically necessary although it is causing me to be more and more depressed. So my questions are; would you recommend a revision, how should I proceed from here.


Hi, seeing the strai on your tummy I would suggest you be tested for Cushing's disease. This is a serious illness I had for 8 years undiagnosed. I gained 80 lbs during those years. I could not loose weight even though I walked daily before tis 4 miles. It causes the tummy to be very large with purple or red marks and many other body changes plus insomnia. Overproduction of cortisol.
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I am no doctor but i think you would benefit from a full tummy tuck although that procedure is not covered by insurance. I would consult a board certified plastic surgeon. Or if you can't afford a tummy tuck (financing is often readily available for people with decent credit) there is always diet & exercise! Hire a personal trainer and you'll start to see improvement of your body. There's always room to push yourself even further!
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