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I had two syringes of perlane for nasolabial folds...

I had two syringes of perlane for nasolabial folds last week. I see no difference. I can feel the area is fuller but the lines are still there.

I took before and after pictures. I don't have my camera with me. I will update the review with pictures on Monday along with the day of treatment picture as the only proof I have is the bruising from the needle and no difference. It seems like the filler is deeper than the lines.

I am 25 and this is the first time I had a filler. I was really hoping to get a good result with two syringes because my lines are not that deep. I can feel a lump in each area it was injected. Has anyone had Perlane with a similar result? I looked everywhere and didn't find that lumps is a side effect of perlane. It seems like I have a wire in that area. Please anyone who has had perlane help me. My doctor is not available to see me until the following week.

I'm sorry to hear your doctor isn't available until the following week. Since it sounds like you are pretty concerned you might want to call there office and leave a message that you have concerns and want to see if another doctor is available.

This Q&A might help answer some of your questions:

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I hate to say it is not worth it.

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