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Using Retin A Not for Acne - New York, NY

I am 32 years old, I started to see aging signs...

I am 32 years old, I started to see aging signs and wanted to slow down the process ;)
Using retin a for 2 months already but so far I do not see any positive results...
I have a sensitive skin, but I am being very careful, using moisturizers and waiting 30 min after washing my face before applying retin a
I started to have small bumps on my forehead (not pimples) small, red bumps, and they are not going away...
I never had acne, and I do not use retin a for acne or pimple problems, so now I do not know what to do... Should I stop using it or not? It says in the list of side effects that this is possible but should go away after a month or so... Its been 2 months already and no change :(
So far no positive effects...
i dont have a acne problem but retin-a is very useful cream for skin. it gives us positive result thankx for sharing your experience.
That happened to me too. My Skin dr told me to use Clearasil acne cream on my forhead. So I used that instead of Retin for a few days and it cleared right up. I don't have a acne problem either but my skin is very fair and sensitive. Good luck.
Welcome to the Community, is there any discomfort accompanying the bumps? Feel free to Ask a Doctor on the site and see if they an offer any information. 
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