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I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant done 9 days...

I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant done 9 days ago. I'm very pleased with my nose but have a lot of concerns with my chin and wanted to know what others have experienced. A lot of the swelling has gone down but the right side is larger than the left and seems unnatural. It looks strange, like square and curved up and the same time. The implant is a small silicone inserted from under the chin. I also had neck lipo. Is this swelling normal? The area feels hard. I feel as if it's the implant and it isn't swelling. I'm very concerned it will stay this way. (The price listed was for the implant alone) Any thoughts or feedback? Thank you!

Sorry to hear you are having concerns. I think this Q&A might help set your mind at ease, as the doctors have said swelling could last around 3 months, so with that in mind at 9 days it sounds like you could definitely still be seeing swelling.

Chin Implant Too Big?

Have you had your post-op check yet? Please keep us posted what your doctor says and how you are feeling about things.

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