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Uneven Cupid's Bow , Even After Having It Fixed -NY

So irritated , just wanted nice natural look....

So irritated , just wanted nice natural look. Juvederm was used. Uneven even after second time . Left better than right. She said my lips may be naturally asymmetrical, isn't that why I am paying you ?! Is this fixable ? I have yet to see anyone with this problem . Looking for highly qualified professional in cny

It looks like you took your pictures down, which is a bummer since we can't see what you were describing.  Would love to hear how you are doing, and what you opt for, if anything, for correction.

I have a similar issue where one side of my lip is slightly thinner than the other. Other people dont notice it, but I notice it on myself. My first go around we injected a lot of filler to correct it, but we ended up needing to inject so much that it wasnt a great look for me. My second time I accepted that this is part of my natural appearance and that my lips look far more natural if I dont try to correct it. Personally I think your lips look great.
Thank you for your feedback . Not sure if ill do it again for $600. Maybe .
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