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Invisalign Depends on the Dentist's Experience - NY

I went to many dentists who estimated my treament...

I went to many dentists who estimated my treament time to be a year or so. They were experienced but very expensive. I made the mistake of going with the cheapest doc.

He gave me the Invisalign Express without even asking me or explaining it to me. Only 10 sets will fix my teeth he said. Now, because my teeth are moving too quikly, I think one of my front tooth might be having nerve damage because it's very sensitive to cold and even cold air hurts like crazy. I will probably need a root canal. That sucks!

Welcome to RealSelf. I'm really sorry to hear about what happened with your treatment. Have you contacted the Invisalign company directly? I thought they were supposed to oversee treatment and make sure it was working?

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