Dr. is my Miracle Man. He Gave Me Back my Youth. - New York

I wanted to look young again, why else. The...

I wanted to look young again, why else. The facelift results were more than I ever imagined. Now I not only feel 35,I look it too.


Thanks for the review, but before I add you to the facelift community page could you please provide a bit more information about your experience to fully aid our community? :)

1. Did you experience pain and downtime?
2. Would you do it again?
3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

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New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

The difference in both my physical appearance as well as my mental outlook is amazing. I look at pictures of what I looked like 20 years ago and it is me now. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr.S if you want your youth back in a natural way, not plastic. I am a walking poster girl

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