Wonderful Results with NO Down Time - Amherst, NY

There are no cons to CoolSculpting. Pros - 1...

There are no cons to CoolSculpting.

Pros - 1 hour sessions, no down time so no time off from work, you can continue to exercise. I am in my early 50's and pretty active. There are some time spots to trim down, ie: muffin top, belly area.

I thought I would give it a try - I had the procedures done in July so I am seeing more results every day.

Dr. Busgalia

I think he's the only one in this area doing the procedure.

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How much was the procedure? And, what area did you have it done?
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Okay, I found him. Thanks!

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{By Britt, please PM for Dr. Info}
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Hi Kokomo -- Welcome to RealSelf! I tried to find your doctor online but had no luck. Do you know if he has a website?

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