Soo Many People Tell Me Now "Wow Look How Flat Your Stomach is and You Just Had a Baby" - Williamsville, NY

I had 3 cycles done on my abdomen about a year...

I had 3 cycles done on my abdomen about a year after i had my last baby. I am soooo pleased and cant believe how many other people actually could tell how much flatter my stomach is. I had no down time and very little tenderness for the first week after the procedure.

I have a consultation on Friday. It's been two years since I had my last child and I have the typical mom pouch with significant muscle diastasis. My skin isn't too lose, just slightly lax from stretch marks.

What did your belly look like before you had zeltiq? It would be great if you would post before/after pics, because I would love to see what's actually possible post-baby.

I'll probably have a tuck at some point (5yrs?), but my kids are too young and too active for me to be out of commission for so long right now. Hoping this can be the bandaid I need.

Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Do you have any photos of your results, if you don't mind posting them?

Dr Buscaglia/ Dr Brauer Cosmetic Vein &Laser Center

Very professional office and pleased with the results

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