PMMA Butt Injections - New York

I got mine done in new york by two of the most...

I got mine done in new york by two of the most beautiful kind Columbian woman! The place was set up like a spa and was sparkling clean. These lady's wore scrubs and were professional as well as personable. They both have the procedure done them selves and didn't think I was weird when I asked to see their bare buns and even let me squeeze lol. Anyway the procedure took about 20 mins a cheek with local anesthesia. They have a bed set up and asked me to lay down for a hour after it was done. They provided a butt bra for me also. Its been a week and the worst part was laying on my stomach for 3 days :( .. I love my results and my butt has a VERY natural jiggle and its nice and plump :)

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Please note that PMMA is a major component in cement used in orthopedic procedures and is not safe, nor FDA approved, to be used as an injectible. Injecting this into areas such as your buttocks can lead to a host of complications such as infection, or leakage into blood vessels, etc.

For more information on PMMA and why it should not be used, please see these answers from USA board certified doctors.


Hi Alexis I am interested in having this procedure done can you please email me the info.
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