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I am about 7 months out from my breast procedure....

I am about 7 months out from my breast procedure. I had a breast lift with implants and I couldn't be happier with my results. My breasts were different sizes before and now I can't believe how much better they look. I am so happy with my size and Dr. W was so helpful before surgery, answering all of my questions and explaining everything to me. I knew what my scars would look like afterwards because she took the time to tell me; she even drew a picture. They are still healing, but they have already faded a lot. The trade-off was worth it!

I feel more confident now than I ever have and I owe that all to Dr. W. I highly recommend her!!

Austin Plastic Surgeon

She did a wonderful job and I am so thrilled with my results!

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I went to her for a consultation and was disappointed with the entire process! Instead, I went to a wonderful doctor in Westchester and I am I so pleased with the results!
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My experience with Dr. Walden has changed the way I view doctors.

If I could go back in time, this would be a decision I would take back...having breast surgery with Dr. Walden. And I feel foolish for even putting myself through this when I believe there are genuinly good doctors out there who care about their patients outcome.
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Please anyone considering cosmetic breast surgery, take your time when choosing a surgeon. Surgery can be one of the biggest decisions of your life because it is very difficult to erase it after it is done. Also, dont make my mistake and judge solely your decision on who to choose as your doctor by reading interent reviews. See atleast a few dotors and listen to your instincts, who you feel most comfortable with, who provided the most thourough, in-depth information, without watching the clock. I feel given the right circumstances, comsetic surgery can be a wonderful thing and really boost someones self confidence but if for some reason it does not go as planned, it can become a living nightmare. So, all I advise is anyone considering cosmetic surgery to take their time and listen to their intuition
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I didn't perform the breast lift Dr. Walden did. If I'd known how bad the results would be I wouldn't have gone to her. You place your trust on what these PS tell you and you get the kind of results I got?? At least the PS on realself, and the two PS I went to see personally, gave their honest opinions and saw that the work has to be redone...especially on the left breast.
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That is strange because when I looked at Dr. W's pictures she has on her profile, I thought they were HORRIBLE results! That is why as a consumer you need to do your homework and have patience! It is, afterall, your BODY!
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