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I had my breast implants 14 years ago in...

I had my breast implants 14 years ago in Brazil,they are very soft but very high profile(too much in my opinion).
I'd like to go a little bigger and much more natural(very low profile).I want to have a playboy breasts but it have to be soft and dropped.I would prefer doing it in New York area or Miami but i want to have it really beautiful :)


You look good, but those are high. Please keep us posted on your journey. I hope you're able to get the breasts you want.

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I have never seen breast that were 14 years old and sitting that high. I have high profile implants (for over 2 years)and they dropped within a couple of months and look very natural. They protrude out more that other profiles but they hang low. I would visit a plastic surgeon and have him check you out. Good luck! :)
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