Asymetry and Small Crease Formed Above Eyelid - New York

I actually went from DST method, which I got done...

I actually went from DST method, which I got done in 2004 and finally just went ahead with the incision method a week ago.

DST method pros- It takes a very short amount of time to get it done and the swelling goes away quickly.

DST Cons- It is not permanent and although mine lasted for a good amount of time, the sutures do loosen which does cause the fold to get weaker and your eyes do revert back to how it normally was. I can tell by looking at my pics from 2004 up thru now and progressively my folds were getting weaker.

I just got the incisional method done exactly 7 days ago. I LOVE my right eye, but my left eye is different than my right. I know that it has only been 7 days and I am sure there is a lot of swelling, but my left eye has a weird crease and doesn't look as deep as my right eye. Did anyone have or hear of anyone having a weird wrinkle form? My doctor said it was due to the swelling and my left eye will look like my right, but obviously it is really scary. I am hoping that the randon crease goes away and that my eyes even out.

Thanks for sharing your story. You're right that it could just be swelling. My eyelids swell up from allergies sometimes and I get a crease exactly where yours is. Your eyelid looks swollen so I wouldn't worry about it just yet.


Day 8 after surgery - So good news. It was due to...

Day 8 after surgery - So good news. It was due to the swelling and that small dent ended up starting to fall and the fold actually became part of the crease. The right and left eye still look a little different, but I can tell it is due to the swelling and my doctor did a great job. I went to go meet a few friends and they could not tell I had anything done, but just commented that I looked well rested and better. :) Very happy with how things are looking.

Can you give name of your doctor please?
An update and caution:
I ended up going to Dr. Kwan for incisional method back in December 2010. My eyes swelled up and bruised and it was kind of horrifying. This lasted for about 2 months. He kept on saying that I happen to be an edge case that swells up a lot. Things settled out somewhat, but it has been 4 months, but my lid lines are still very high. I realized that the hollowness in my upper eyelids are not going away. It's not due to swelling. It appears that he has take too much fat. He kept on saying, give it time, give it time, but my eyes do not look like what they should after 4 months. It seems that I need to get a revisional surgery but I don't trust Dr. Kwan so I need to find another doctor. He has been quite evasive and dismissive and would never admit to a botched surgery. I know sometimes mistakes happen and it may be a rare case, but you should know this if you are going to have him perform surgery on your eyes.
Your eyes look really good and can't believe you were able to go see your friends in 8 days time!I thought you had to be shut out for about 2 weeks, minimum.

I too had DST in 2004 and am interested in getting full incisional for the reasons you stated plus I also have drooping lid due to age. Ugh.

Could you tell us who your dr was? I was contemplating Dr. Kwan or Dr. Kwak.

Name not provided

He may get some slack for being a very opinionated surgeon, but I absolutely love the results already. He is very skilled and has done so many of these surgeries.

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