Still Don't Know After My Second Time - Novi Sad, Serbia

I got my teeth whitened with BriteSmile earlier...

I got my teeth whitened with BriteSmile earlier today. Today was my second time, four days ago I had 3 of the 20 minutes sessions, today had the same sessions (3*20min). My teeth are brighter but not sooo much just few shades, and after this second time I got terriblye pain. Dentist has recommended me one more appointment,because here the recommend three sessions to achieve good results. I'm a little confused, because all of you who went you went only once (3*20 or 4*20min) ?!

They told me that it takes to get the best results. :-( I paid a total of 80 $, because I bought it trough coupon otherwise it would have been 160 $ total. It is still much less than others paid.

Huh, that is interesting that they would have you do so many session. Have you asked the dentist why that would be? Also, are they charging you $80 total, or $80 per session?

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